Welcome to a great opportunity for local writers!
L * A * M * B   - the Local Authors Mobile Bookshop - offers writers the chance to put their work in front of their own community.

Bookstores and 'chain' distributors can be tough to crack into.  If you can demonstrate that your book is selling well in your own area, that can give you valuable leverage in your negotiations with agents and publishers.

We operate market stalls and pop-up shops in malls and shopping centres around the Northern Rivers region.  (Yes, we're looking to expand the concept into other areas - contact us if you're interested!)

You don't have to spend your weekends sitting in a market with a little stack of your masterpiece.  LAMB will do that for you, so you can devote more time and effort to writing the next one!

Across the coming months, we'll create a calendar of opportunities - places and times LAMB will be present - ready, willing and able to sell YOUR book.

Henri 'Renoir' Rennie and Meredith Yardley
Two of the Northern Rivers authors whose books can be found at the Mobile Bookshop
Whether you're an established author who wants to raise your local profile, or you're just starting out with your first self-published book, we can help.

Fiction or non-fiction, novels, childrens books, collections of short stories or verse - if it's a book written in the Northern Rivers, we'll stock it.

All books will be taken on consignment.  You tell us how much you want to receive per copy and LAMB will set a price that covers your figure and our costs.

 All YOU have to do is write!

You can find us at:
sites all over the Northern Rivers district of New South Wales!

No LAMB presence this weekend (July 29/30) - we're celebrating our wedding anniversary.  Yes, we're romantics at heart!

Back at the lovely LISMORE CAR BOOT Market on Sunday August 6.  Come along and say hello!

Need some new reading?  Buy well - buy local!  Come check us out!
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Sunday August 6:
under Lismore Square Shopping Centre

LAMB are big fans and supporters of ALLI - the Alliance of Independent Authors.

If you're a writer, we really recommend you check them out!

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